Curator 2014 – John Kørner


Holbæk Art was launched in 2014 with the acclaimed Danish artist John Kørner as the curator. 

When the project was presented to John Kørner, he soon realized that Holbæk Art had something special to offer and he was delighted to take the role as curator.

”I was actually quite fascinated by the impressive idea behind Holbæk Art when I was first introduced to the project: to create a number of permanent works of art in the urban space, to be displayed in the streets, away from galleries, studios and public museums.”

John Kørner handpicked the artists to participate in Holbæk Art among the members of his professional network taking advantage of his knowledge of each artist's style. 13 artists in all including himself were selected and they ranged widely in their artistic expressions.

John Kørner said about his role as Holbæk Art 2014's curator: 

"As the appointed curator of Holbæk Art 2014, I find "The Art Museum" particularly interesting for several reasons. The local roots that underlie the Art Museum are very crucial. To create an open-air art museum, open 24 hours, showcasing paintings on Holbæk's walls, is an excellent idea and gives the viewers a social-oriented experience of public art. It is challenging to find the artists and to choose works of art that can contribute to this kind of art museum. Often the most challenging part is to create a composition of works that can provide a sense of coherence, a process – works that support the idea of an open-air art museum and contemporary art in particular and which represent its qualities in the best possible way."