Curator 2018 - Maria Kjær Themsen

In the spring of 2017 Maria Kjær Themsen, MA in comparative literature, was appointed as the new curator and entrusted with the curating of seven new Artists for Holbæk Art 2018.

In line with Holbæk Art's tradition, the new curator was appointed by Holbæk Art's former curator, Dina Vester Feilberg.

Besides her job as an art reviewer, Maria Kjær Themsen has curated several exhibitions and has written a wide range of catalogue texts, essays and articles on art. Moreover, she was a co-editor of the international publication Danish Artists- Books. 

When she was contacted by Dina Vester Feilberg, Maria Kjær Themsen expressed great interest and she especially liked the long-term goal of transforming the streets of Holbæk into one permanent and continuously growing exhibition of contemporary art. 

- It is very exiting that a group outside the art scene - like the persons behind Holbæk Art - has launched a project like this. The long-term strategy is very visionary as the team's intentions are not just to organize a two weeks art festival, but to have long lasting art in the streets of the city. As the new curator, I look forward to building and expanding on something that has already been rooted, says Maria Kjær Themsen. 

Maria has the creativity and sense of innovation that will take Holbæk Art to yet another high level:

- One thing I would like very much to introduce is artists with a sculptor's background, besides painters, in order to have two-dimensional wall paintings.

Maria has selected seven artists for Holbæk Art 2018, both Danish and foreign artists (Canada and Sweden), and 2018 will introduce installation art in the form of a light installation piece. Especially, the interaction between several art forms, the artists and the city streets has been a focal point for Maria during her preparations.  

- When I strolled along the streets, I found places that perfectly matched certain artists. I like the artists to feel passionate about the project and that the artists get a good opportunity to reflect themselves in their works, says Maria Kjær Themsen.