What is Holbæk Art

Idea and Purpose

Professional contemporary art presented in the streets of Holbæk  

The idea behind Holbæk Art is to establish a modern open art museum in the city centre of Holbæk by creating works based on innovative aesthetic and visual values that will constitute colourful oases and create inspiring public places. By adding to the beautification of the physical city environment as well as to a vibrant life and innovative dialogue in the streets, Holbæk Art hopes to astonish the viewers walking the streets of Holbæk.


Holbæk Art Activities 

The first Holbæk Art project was launched in 2014 on the initiative of local people supported by volunteers and financed by Holbæk Municipality, local businesses, institutions, Statens Kunstfond, Region Sealand and foundations. Every second year Holbæk Art appoints a professional curator who selects the artists, all acclaimed contemporary artists. In 2014, the curator was the internationally renowned artist John Kørner, and in 2016 art museum manager, Dina Vester Feilberg, is entrusted with the job. 

Holbæk Art is open for visitors around the clock. During summertime, guided tours are arranged as well as art activities for children. Combined with the city's other art initiatives the ambition is to have an open museum of 100 works. It is the intention that all works are to be permanent as no works will be removed or painted over. 

The selection of the artists rests with the curator alone. All practical work is undertaken by the Holbæk Art Project Group including fundraising, permissions from building owners, local authorities etc. The artists create the works on the locations during the event followed by a vernissage. The creation of the works is an event in itself providing a spectacular chance to see performing artists in the streets and squares of Holbæk. 

All works are characterized by the artists' conception of the present age and the works are specifically created to match their locations. This permanent aesthetic mark on the city is intended to engage the citizens and change their view of the city. 



YOUNG ARTist is an art project within the framework of Holbæk Art for children and young people from the age of 6 to 20 years.  

During the Holbæk Art event, a YOUNG ARTist atelier is established and children and youngsters are invited to draw or paint pictures using pencil, crayons or watercolour, or building a sculpture or figure of PLUS PLUS bricks. Participation in YOUNG ARTist is free. YOUNG ARTist is particularly popular among schools and local families, but the event is open for all – locals, guests as well as tourists. At the end of the event, a jury will judge the works, and the winners will be awarded by the Foundation Holbæk Art and published in the press.

YOUNG ARTist is a partnership between Holbæk Art and Kunsthøjskolen of Holbæk, which is in charge of the project and responsible for the concept, the artistic themes and the organization of the event.