Integrated into the project Holbæk Art will be carried out a number of art-talent competitions - One is stipulated to cover children aged 6-11 years and one for youths in the age group of 12-15 and one for youngsters 16-20 years.

Everyone will be invited to produce a drawing in pencil / color / chalk or a painting in watercolor / crayon and / or create a fantasy "sculpture / figure" by building with PLUS PLUS pieces of plast. 

There shall be a jury of experienced art people to ensure a professional assessment of the participants' works and their artistic abilities.

The Foundation Holbæk Art will provide prizes for the winners and for the release of the winners in the various age categories. 

Kunsthøjskolen in Holbæk through its teachers and senior students act as the coordinators of this project and are thus responsible for concept / competition and the completion of the event.

Schools through out a large region of Eastern Denmark were approached in order to secure the cooperation of the many art teachers in our schools.