About Holbaek Art

Holbæk Art is an art project that was initiated in 2012. It features a collection of 36 works by Danish and International contemporary artists, the majority created in situ specifically for carefully picked walls in central Holbæk. The project invites residents and visitors to experience new aspects of the town. After dark and during the winter months many of the works light up the night, offering a different experience of the art works. The collection is open 24 hours a day all year round and was established with the support of local businesses, foundations, Holbæk municipality and private donors.

In order to ensure the continued high quality and relevance of the art works,  Holbæk Art invites different contemporary curators to define the project’s artistic profile.

Holbæk Art curators:

2020 Milena Høgsberg
2018 Maria Kjær Themsen
2016 Dina Vester Feilberg
2014 John Kørner