About Holbaek Art

Since 2014, Holbæk Art has facilitated art in public spaces and extended permanent invitations for interaction and reflection. Our collection of 37 works provides local artistic education on multiple levels, inviting residents and visitors to experience new perspectives on our city—its buildings, everyday life, and diverse inhabitants.Art should have the ability to move us, initiate conversations—not necessarily to agree, but to foster growth through disagreement, both as individuals and as a local community.Holbæk Art was initiated by Henrik Møller, who stated in 2016: “The essence of the project is to give everyone—regardless of circumstances and background—an opportunity to encounter high-quality contemporary art, right in the midst of everyday life in Holbæk.”Michael Nielen, the principal of Holbæk Kunsthøjskole, who succeeded Lene Floris in the role of spokesperson for Holbæk Art, emphasizes, “One of Holbæk Art’s most important tasks is to insist that we need professional art. The local cultural environment requires input from the outside, someone who elevates us and pushes our boundaries.

Holbæk Art curators:

2014 John Kørner
2016 Dina Vester Feilberg
2018 Maria Kjær Themsen
2020 Milena Høgsberg
2022 Mette Kjærgaard Præst