Birk Bjørlo

Alle kommer vi fra det samme hav / We all come from the same sea

The work Alle kommer vi fra det samme hav was created with the elongated frame of the wall in mind, as well as the fjord, peripherally visible when standing in front of the work. Typically for Birk Bjørlo, the work is built up of many layers of paint. Using his entire body in the painting process to create the work that is about seven meters tall and three meters wide, he has poured and spread paint over cement plates laid out on the floor using his hands, big brushes, even a mop, thereby embracing an element of unpredictability in the process. The painting builds on the series Abioge-nesis, which refers to the scientific theory of how the first simple, single-cell organisms arose in the primordial soup: a complex network of cooperating atoms and molecules, forming more complex life forms over oceans of time. To Bjørlo, this work is a tribute to life, partly inspired by his personal

experience of becoming a father and bringing life into the world. The potential of the primeval soup where chance encounters may spark life, is also reflected in the painting process. The expressive surface of the work alternates between green and blue nuances and metallic earth colors, maintaining a fluid impression. The abstract surfaces with their organic formations mime the living, dynamic processes and phenomena contained within the complexity of the earth.

b. 1986 in Hønefoss, Norway, lives and works in Måløv.