Eske Kath

How Far Away is the Horizon

Eske Kath’s mural fills out the entire wall with its strong, saturated colors, creating an abstract landscape of winding organic forms and leaves, contrasted by geometric, black urban structures piling up in the bottom and right-hand side of the work. Behind them we see a sun, half-covered by the horizon line. Independently of the outcome of this ongoing battle between nature and urbanity, this can be interpreted either as a sunrise rich in the promises of a new age, or as a sunset about to be swallowed up by black, man-made areas.
The work was produced for How Far Away is the Horizon, a public art project, curated by Solvej Helweg Ovesen in collaboration with CKU Images Festival.

b. 1975 in Haderslev, lives and works in Copenhagen and Brooklyn.