Eva Schlegel


Eva Schlegel’s modern self-portrait positions itself within the long art-historical tradition of self-portraits from Rembrandt to Warhol. She rejuvenates it by creating a hybrid of painting and photography. Its form and content examine the complex social and mental significance of the selfie. The motif is black-and-white and depicts a woman (the artist) taking a self-portrait in a mirror over her head. The painting has been painted with a runny striped effect, giving the impression that rather than being permanent this is an image that is rapidly dissolving. 

Typically for Eva Schlegel, this work is right on the tipping point between the enigmatic and the recognizable, the tangible and the ephemeral. Her work can be understood as an attempt to approach a decoding of the selfie as the self-portrait of our time: moving it into the medium of painting to make the viewer the mirror of the self. Seen from the station the image welcomes the viewer to Holbæk and correspondingly bids farewell to those departing.

b. 1960 i Hall,Tyrol, lives and works in Vienna, Austria.