Husk Mit Navn

Uden titel

Apart from illuminating the parking lot, HuskMitNavn’s work functions as a kind of signpost: This way to the library. As a clear sign the painting becomes a sort of pictogram representing the function of the building with an easily legible illustration. HuskMitNavn’s recognizable dynamic signature style combines the humorous and cartoon-like with the accentuated simplified line of graffiti.

Three black lines on the wall infuse the otherwise tight motif, a long-nosed girl on a flying book—possibly a reference to Pinocchio and Aladdin’s magic carpet in A Thousand and One Night—with a sense of motion. Shading effects below and under it lift the work into the urban surroundings, just like two white reflections in her long hair provide a sense of depth. The positive message about books is easily decoded even from a passing car. On closer inspection we see that she is on all fours; not only to keep her balance, but perhaps also attempting to hold back the page that is about to fly open.

b. 1975 in Taastrup, lives and works in Copenhagen.