John Kørner

Vejen / The Road

John Kørner has stated that what he hopes to achieve with his works is to liberate the experience of art while keeping the door open to viewers’ own interpretations. His frieze at Holbæk Theatre provides a key to opening the motif; The main figure could be a giant sitting there in the cold highland desert. A desolate landscape save for a few naked trees and tiny human figures that seem to be disappearing toward the horizon – alone or in groups – across the vast white expanse, almost devoid of color and sketched in light strokes of black and blue. Based on Kørner’s previous thematic works on the war in Afghanistan, one might reasonably interpret the landscape as an Afghan desert, or as a symbolic depiction indicating the isolation of the former soldier and showing us his inner world.

b. 1967 in Århus, lives and works in Copenhagen.