Michael Kvium

Retningsbestemt mur / Directional Wall

The mural Retningsbestemt mur was created by the artist Michael Kvium on the side wall of the domicile of the bank Sparekassen Sjælland. The work consists of a bright orange background taking up the entire wall, on which have been painted thin, almost bare, birch trees stretching upwards with birds on their branches. In the bottom right hand corner sits a man with sunglasses and an entertainer’s top hat. He points towards the life on the street while looking at those approaching on foot. The work has been named after the action of this person since Kvium wants the viewer to look out at reality. Kvium is interested in challenging our (the Western world’s) blindness. He feels we’re shutting our eyes to all things unpleasant and turning a blind eye or a deaf ear to reality rather than taking action.
Realized by Sparekassen Sjælland-Fyn, The Holbæk Foundation, with the support of The Danish Arts Foundation. Donated to Holbæk Art in 2020.

b. 1955 in Horsens, lives and works in Asserbo, Copenhagen and Spain.