Mie Olise

Balloon Fare

The mural depicts a floating fairytale ship attached to a hot air balloon and weighed down by a large yellow sack for ballast. A rope ladder descends from the railing down to the base of the work, as if inviting us to jump aboard.

The hull of the ship is assembled from different kinds of vessels and, with the keel, they are built up from fields of blue-grays and browns, combining to create a fragile weather-beaten impression. We understand that this is a ship which has already seen many voyages. It is primarily kept afloat by the power of thought in the world of dreams, and now simply awaits new passengers.

The work was produced for How Far Away is the Horizon, a public art project, curated by Solvej Helweg Ovesen in collaboration with CKU Images Festival.

b. 1974 on the island of Mors, lives and works in Copenhagen.