Anders Bülow

The Sensual World

Like sand on a beach after a night of waves Anders Bülow’s patterns mold themselves into the surface to create tracks and ridges. The Sensual World, as the work is titled, covers a total of six concrete plates. They have been attached to a previous Center of Administration —the former epicenter of power— which now houses the Unemployment Office. So, in its own way, the location is itself a comment on the position of the individual within the greater scheme of things (like a groove in the universe): the relationships between large, overlying structures and our own small lives.

The patterns on the concrete surfaces have been created with mortar and a notched spatula. It’s quite simple, yet the effect is incredibly sensuous, since the surface never appears static. Partly due to the varied pattern formation and partly because of the varying density of the colors it is a vibrant, living surface. The paint has been sprayed on, settling like a fine dusting in some places and deep into the ridges in others. This makes the character of the work alter with the position of the viewer —changing as we move around it— just as the weather will impact the experience of the work on any given day. Some parts will be illuminated while other remain in the shade. Nothing is immutable: stasis is an illusion.

b. 1981 in Thyholm, lives and works in Copenhagen.