Anna Bjerger

Utsikt 1, utsikt 2, utsikt 3 / View 1, 2, 3

Anna Bjerger’s triptych is painted in three blind windows, providing three different views. The three paintings are based on anonymous photographs, each capturing an ephemeral moment of life as it passes by within the section constituted by the frame of the window. The who, the where and the when have long since disappeared. What’s left are traces or presences in the landscapes, common denominators of everyday human life, with little figures illustrating a series of different lives and fates: meetings, plans, lost moments, expectations and hopes. The images mark time by the motion of the figures through the landscapes and the shadows moving across the squares.

Anna Bjerger took as her point of departure the fact that the buildings framing her works are located on a hill, choosing to work from a birds-eye view in her choice of motif. From a distance, the depressed views of unknown urban squares read like abstract planes of color, but as viewers approach the motif falls into place.

b. 1973 in Skallsjö, lives and works in Älmhult, Sverige.