Fie Norsker


Fie Norsker’s work consists of five parts on a monochrome background. As indicated by the title, the work is based on the form and expression of a totem pole, but also uses other forms and figures than animals. Furthermore, there are three characters whose mouths are happy, sad and surprised-another recurring motif in the production of this artist.

The apparently naive motif balances between grotesque humor on one hand and fatigue and more somber tones on the other, all within a universe filled with opposites.
The soft terracotta colors and pastels combine with the pink base color to imbue the motif with an optimistic expression, but on closer inspection the slightly banal colors and naïve lines depict archetypical figures in a somewhat frail constellation.
The art-historical base of Fie Norsker’s work is 20th century Primitivism in which Pablo Picasso, Henri Matisse and the Danish Cobra-movement and others were inspired by masks and art from non-western cultures.

b.1974 in Seoul, Korea, lives and works in Copenhagen.