Janaina Tschäpe

Mina Sleeping

Janaina Tschäpes gigantic work draws us in already at a distance, when seen across the clamor and noise of the parking lot behind the old red ice-cream shop. The work appears as a sensuous study of light, color and motion. The delicate red, blue and yellow pastels used contrast with natural greens and deep violets. The central and middle part of the work are constituted by rounded organic structures framed by darker, wavy forms.

The artist has transformed her own sensing and the memory of a personal moment into a mural in public space step by step: The inspiration for the mural came from a painting where the artist painted her daughter Mina while she was asleep: rendered in light and color, but with an abstract expression. In Mina sleeping the artist has pursued the same palette of colors and the same abstraction in an attempt to preserve the essence of personal memory in a work of art, now becoming the property of all and forming a new collective memory in public space.

b. 1973 in Munich, Germany, lives and works in Brooklyn, NY and Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.