Julie Sass

Light Matter and Arkitektonisk vignet / Architectural Vignette

Julie Sass has used her abstract formal language to create two works that interact dynamically with the plane of the wall, engaging parts of the surrounding architecture as active co-components.

The exterior frame of the work Light Matter is a standing, rounded rectangle. Within it we see four partially overlapping figures. Behind and beneath the forms the “shadow image” of one is indicated. The colors and structures are dark and saturated with varying degrees of transparency, while areas of gold and cyan appear in different ways depending on the sun’s interaction with the plane. The forms compete for our attention within the logic of the work, while simultaneously constituting a dynamic whole.

On the north side of the building the line-drawing Arkitektonisk vignet appears as we move up the street from Holbæk Harbour. The outer form is a standing rectangle within which the motif has been painted up with a hand-held movement of sharp terracotta colors. These have subsequently been painted over by numerous layers with a loose, dark line on a dark background with a dash of gold paint. The work is built up according to its own, inner system while reflecting the form and color of the surrounding urban space, such as the door under the work.

b. 1971 in Copenhagen, where she lives and works.