Kirstine Roepstorff

Sonata la luz

Kirstine Roepstorffs work Sontata la Luz outside Holbæk Hospital springs from the hospital management’s desire for light, air and levity, to which the artist has added life, resonance and movement — all elements that come together to create the essence of a fruitful life.

The painting describes a dynamic sequence in clear colors on a white background, where the upper part of the work is the sky with a moon and a sun, while the lower part is the earth from which a seed or fertilized egg begins its journey through life, moving from left to right in a jagged line not unlike cardiograms. In places, Roepstorff has chosen to let the color run, contributing to the impression of motion and changeability.

The work can be read as a universal sequence, where the seed or individual is impacted on its journey by the other objects of the universe, clashing audibly midway where powerful frequencies from the right force the seed downwards. Discreet horizontal black lines emulate sheet music, with circular objects rolling or floating along them, while red and delicately yellow horizontal lines and figures add new input to Roepstorff’s poetic diagram of life.

b.1972 in Fredericia, where she lives and works.