Thomas Poulsen / FOS

Du rør hvad du gør / You Touch What You Do

FOS have created the work Du rør hvad du gør specifically for the wall of local newspaper Nordvestnyt. The neon work is best viewed in the dark and forms the text Du rør hvad du gør: You touch what you do. The text has been written out by memory at the hand of Inger Margrethe Evelen Brandt, the local chairman of Frederiksberg’s Association for the Blind. She is severely visually impaired and is at this point only able to discern light and shade. Thus, clear vision has been banished from the public sphere, and control has been relinquished. The blind get their bearings through other senses like touch. Thereby they are closer to an intimate sphere that many of us have forgotten. Today what we touch and what we do are often two different things:

We sit in our cars to get to work, we hold a pencil on election night to achieve the politics we want, we touch the glass of our mobile phones with our fingers to let people know that we’re running late.
As the works seems to suggest, perhaps the blind —and the writing on the wall— can help us remember the forgotten experience of closely associating sensory experience with everyday life.

b. 1971 in Charlottenlund, lives and works in Copenhagen.